whispers of hope by charlie albert

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Available on Amazon Kindle 1 March 2018 

Paperback available online and at all good book stores on 1 June 2018


Stories based on actual events.

Divorce or separation of a partnership when children are involved can be painful experiences for everyone, not least the children who are the innocent parties.

Where the responsibility of the child and access rights are agreed, in some cases this is not the end of the story. Through the bitterness of the parents, a child can be used as a pawn in the battles that beggar belief.

These six short stories, based on actual events, demonstrate the lengths that some parents will go to, to stop the other parent from having access to their child.

Whilst these six short stories are shocking, they are written to give hope, not only for the thousands of estranged couples going through similar situations but also to shine a light on this tragic issue.

Charlie Albert, the author and a known ‘McKenzie friend’ has successfully assisted over 400 people in family law cases, regardless of their financial situation.

Each case is reviewed and listened to, in its own right.


Charlie Albert was inspired to write ‘Whispers of Hope’ after he successfully fought and won his own residency case for his own son Junior and went on to become a known McKenzie friend, successfully assisting over 400 people in family law cases.

A single dad approaching his 50th birthday Charlie lives in Battersea, South West London. He enjoys swimming and spends his spare time playing black jack at the casino and is an expert Poker player.

Charlie is a regular cinema goer and loves a good action movie with one of his old-time favourites being ‘Heat’ with two of his favourite actors AL Pacino and Robert De Nero.

His favourite TV show is W1A and he reads on a regular basis, with one of his favourite authors being Tom Clancy, Charlie also really enjoyed reading the Harry Potter Series!

The family enjoy the outdoors and they spend a lot of time walking their two dogs Buddy and Bailey. Family time is important to Charlie and he dedicates his life to his five children.